Courage All-Star Teams Rock Herndon Tournament
48 Teams Participate in Event

Fun Facts about the Weekend:

- Over 500 Courage Players Participated

- 5 of the teams were U8 and competed in Participation events

- 43 teams competed in U9-U19 matches in 29 of the 32 Divisions

- Courage teams Won 10 Divisions

- Courage teams were finalists in 5 divisions

- 30% of Courage teams were finalists or champions

Division Champions:


U9 Boys, PWSI-4
U10 Boys, PWSI-1
U10 Girls, PWSI-1
U12 Boys, PWSI-3
U12 Girls, PWSI-2
U14 Boys, PWSI-1
U14 Boys, PWSI-2
U14 Boys, PWSI-3
U16 Boys, PWSI-1
U16 Girls, PWSI-1
Division Finalists:
U9 Boys, PWSI-3
U10 Boys, PWSI-2
U19 Boys, PWSI-2
U19 Boys, PWSI-3
U19 Girls, PWSI-2


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